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Discover great deals while supporting local small business owners. The app designed to boost the Australian economy & help small businesses thrive!
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When the Snapgo app first starts, the map by default will only display deals within 25km of your current location. Explore further by using the search filter or moving the map.
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From our CEO: "We need to change the way these big massive companies come in and think they can bully you into doing what they want you to do for their business. Not what they can do for your business and that's what we [Snapgo] are all about, we want to grow these small businesses and give them a chance!"
“We (small business owners) need to change... that's why we started what we are doing!”
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Better than YellowPages. Better than Google. And all the young people are into apps these days. It's a different platform to anything we've looked at before. And it's introducing us to a whole new range of people.
Nail Affair
"Without Snapgo, I'd still be paying a lot of money for coupon style sales sites and apps, where they end up keeping most of the money. If you go and make $20 million, Snapgo isn't going to say, "Oh, you have to give us 20%."​
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